Terms and Conditions of Using and Sharing my Work

If you like my work, great! So do I. I take great pride in my work.

Each puzzle I make costs time. Even the free puzzles that I make can cost me hours of thinking, creating a story, and finding the images that fit the story. Then comes the editing of the pictures and don’t forget the mathematics that makes the puzzle challenging on a certain level. Thanks to the craftsmanship and dedication, many of my puzzles went viral and have been seen and played by tens of millions of people around the globe. Every day I post a new puzzle and people that follow me on Facebook or Instagram are the first people who see my math puzzles (With the exception of commercial ones, they go first to the person who gave me the order).

After I post them, people start solving them, and if they really like the puzzle, sharing them as well. And yes, you’re allowed to share them with your friends, on your page, and in groups. But unfortunately, there are also some people and some companies who don’t honor the original creator or intellectual property rights by altering it. They just copy the puzzle, remove the logo, write their own logo on it and publish them in groups and on their own pages as if they are the creator. This is called intellectual property theft.

And it’s not only the fact that it’s a criminal offense to steal intellectual property from others, but the quality also goes down each time you make a print screen to save a puzzle, edit it and repost it. So in the end the people you want to make happy, with an amazing puzzle, they never get the same pleasure of the puzzle than those who play the original puzzles. So again, if you like the puzzles I create, just press the share button and everybody is happy.

If you want to use the puzzles that I created outside Facebook or Instagram for personal use, add a working link to this website. If you want to use my puzzles in a  commercial way, contact me and we will discuss the possibilities. I’m open to partnerships or create custom puzzles for you and your company.

Sharing is GOOD, stealing is BAD

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