“Double Up” Math & Logic Puzzle Explained

8+6*5=? Well, we can tell you this, not 38, because nothing is what it seems in this 123 Puzzle Me Puzzle.

Yes, I made another brainteaser that can lead to frustration if you can’t solve it. The Puzzle Double Up was published on 21 November 2020. The puzzle looks very easy, and the mistake that most people made was solving the last line. But with the “correct” answer of 38, the logic was gone.

One of the fun facts of this math riddle is that the title is a part of the puzzle; it gives you a hint of how to think and solve it. It became easy that this was not an easy puzzle to solve, even some fanatic puzzlers that can solve most puzzles in minutes took hours to come with the right solution.

So, give it a go, and if you think you know the answer, check the explainer below to see if you’re right.

Double Up Math Puzzle Explained

Suppose you think you solved the Puzzle Double Up; now it is time to see if you’re right. In just a few minutes, Jarvis will explain how I completed the puzzle and what the most logical answer was to the riddle. If the video doesn’t work, click on the link to see the puzzle explainer on YouTube: Double Up Math Puzzle Explainer