How to solve math and logic puzzles and riddles?

Picture math puzzles and riddles are fun; they take you away from the daily stress and stimulate your brain. However what if your math skills are not so good? But you still like solving those cute puzzles and don’t want to be the last one at school or work that solves them. Well, let Jarvis help you. Jarvis is my Artificial Intelligence voice-over that explains the tricks and do’s and don’ts when it comes to solving those hard brain teasers. Within several minutes you will know not only the puzzle’s answer, but you will also understand why it has to be solved that way. Knowing the answer is cool, but knowing how to solve a riddle that requires logic is even cooler.

That is why Jarvis takes the time to explain the puzzles that I have made in this way. We don’t always agree, and he complains a lot about me and the puzzles, but that is also the beauty of these kinds of puzzles and riddles; they are open for discussion even when there is just one logical answer. Watch our general tips below, or go to individual puzzles to get in insight into solving that particular puzzle.