“Just Solve It” puzzle tutorial

Just Solve It! For me, it is one of the coolest picture puzzles I made in 2020.

I was born in the seventies and Michael Jordan was my hero when it came to basketball. He could fly, and he changed the history of basketball as an entertainment sport. To honor him, I made the picture math puzzle, “Just Solve It.” The puzzle has 4 objects, a ball, the swoosh, his famous number 23, and a silhouette of his “Royal Airness” in it. This puzzle builds up and comes to a climax in the last line.

The puzzle basics are not too hard, but as I said, it comes together in the last line. Give it a go, and if you think you know the answer and you can beat Michael Jordan, check the explainer below to see if you’re right. You can also enjoy the opinion of Jarvis when it comes to basketball and who is the greatest!

Just Solve It Puzzle Explainer

Did you solve it, did you beat Michael at his own game, or do you still need some basketball puzzle lessons? Well, Jarvis tells you all in our “Just Solve It” math puzzle video tutorial. If the video doesn’t work, click on the link to see what is the right answer on YouTube: “Just Solve It” math puzzle explainer