“40 Squares” Math Puzzle Explainer

“40 Squares” a math puzzle with just 2 objects and 4 lines; how hard can that be to solve?

Well, a lot harder than you think. Yes, the first two lines are not too hard, but only then the real challenge starts. What to do with the rotated squares and what to think of the last line with the “endless” courts that are not countable without a microscope?

The 40 squares math puzzle defines the simplicity of these kinds of brainteasers. Keep it simple, and they will be okay.

So give it a go and put your brain to work, and if you think you know the answer or not, check the explainer below to see if you solved it.

40 Squares math puzzle

Didn’t it look easy, just 2 different squares? Jarvis will tell you all what to look at and how to solve this logic puzzle in his way, the right way. If the video doesn’t work, watch the puzzle tutorial of 40 Squares on YouTube: 40 Squares video puzzle tutorial