“Toys, Toys, Toys” Logic Riddle Explained!

“Toys, Toys, Toys I’m looking for a good time, Toys, Toys, Toys get ready for my puzzles.”

Yes, Jarvis does hate me for this line. But as I was a teenager in the eighties, Sabrina was the summer hit that stayed in your head for decades.

Changing boys into Toys gave me an excellent idea for a simple puzzle that even children can solve. Puzzles like this make kids enthusiastic about math. And that is something that is not unimportant. I don’t think that the math puzzles and riddles I make will change the educational system, but all little bits will help. So, print the puzzle and make it a challenge for your kids.

This logic riddle is all about having a good look and using logic to solve the objects’ value in the last line.

Try to solve it first yourself and if it doesn’t work out, look at Jarvis explainer at the bottom.

Toys, Toys, Toys math irddle explaner

Let Jarvis explain the right solution of the “Toys, Toys, Toys” logic riddle to you in a quick video explainer if you need some help. When you understand where to look, this puzzle will be great for children as well. If the video doesn’t work, watch the solution on our YouTube channel: Toys, Toys, Toys Riddle explainer